Tools for Digital Storytelling

A wide range of software and web-based tools for digital storytelling are available. Please add tools you have used and personally recommend to the list below. For each entry please indicate whether:
  1. These tools are entirely free for educators (F), partially free (PF), or commercial (C).
  2. If the tools support audio only (A), images (I) and/or video (V).
  3. If the program is available for Windows (W), Macintosh (M) and/or Linux (L). (in the case of software programs)

Client-side software programs:

  1. PhotoStory3: F - A I - W
  2. Windows MovieMaker: F - A I V - W
  3. iMovie: F - A I V - M
  4. Audacity: F - A - W M L

Web-based tools:

  1. VoiceThread:F - A I
  2. JumpCut: F - A I V

Alan Levine has published an excellent comparison of web-based digital storytelling tools on his wiki: 50 Ways to Tell a Web 2.0 Story